The Executive Team

The MUNSA Executive Team



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“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”
-Michael Scott, The Office

While he isn’t deluding himself on how important he thinks he is, Ayush Datta can normally be found slamming down cups of Double-Double’s at Tim Horton’s and furiously debating TSA policy on random selection. A Third Year International Relations hopeful, he enjoys long talks in committee rooms debating the merits of a myriad UN programs and is known to be quite charming –if you’re passionate about Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern foreign policy. Feel free to shoot him a message any time or just walk up to him on campus! Also, join our club while you’re at it.


Advisor to the President

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Lena Raxter

VP Academic

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Kaidie Williams is a third year Arts student who hopes to make you fall in love with MUN. Anyone can be a successful delegate because success in MUN is not measured by awards, rather, it is measured by the individuals you inspire, the connections you make and the moments that take your breath away.


Undersecretary of the VP Academic

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Kelvin Hsu

VP Internal

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Elena Ganacheva is a 3rd year student majoring in International Relations with a minor in Commerce. She started participating in Model United Nations last year with MUNSA and it has since become one of her passions that has taken over her life. She'll be working next year on making sure the club doesn't fall apart and meets the needs of the members. She also takes part in Bulgarian folk dancing and enjoys learning new languages as well as talking to new people!


Undersecretary to VP Internal

VP Finance

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Andrew Choi is a second-year Commerce student planning to study Accounting, Economics, and Statistics, and he'll be presenting club finances and guaranteeing the club doesn't crash into the red. Andrew can seem quiet, but he's a die-hard Arsenal FC fan (COYG!), luxury car enthusiast, sashimi-eating monster and a hunter who shot twenty-three animals. When he isn't crunching on spreadsheet data, he'd love to chat about ANYTHING from playing tennis and his fandom for Nordstrom to French fries and his ability to voice-act Donald Duck.


Undersecretary of the VP Finance

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Yiming Liu

VP Logistics

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Francisco Jose Palacios Puma is a third year Arts students from Quito, Ecuador and is currently pursuing a double major in Sociology and International Relations. He is passionate about sports (especially basketball and soccer), learning new languages and of course participating in MUNSA conferences! As you current VP Logistics you can be sure he’ll work hard in order for you to have an awesome MUN experience! Don’t hesitate to stop by to chat or simply say hi anytime you want!


Undersecretary of the VP Logistics

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Andrew Gong

VP External

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Suzanne Ross is a third year International Relations major with a minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. She is normally found sipping a cup of tea in the MUNSA office and watching reality TV shows. When she isn't (shamefully) watching the latest episode of Dance Moms, Suzi enjoys debating international criminal justice and nuclear policy! Feel free to drop by her office hours for some tea and friendly conversation!


Director of Media

Conference Coordinator

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Shermaine Chua

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