What is Model UN?


Model United Nations (also known as Model UN or MUN) is an activity where participants are able to gain first hand experience on the complexities of international affairs and diplomacy by simulating the United Nations (UN).

At MUN conferences, delegates (aka students) represent an assigned country and it's policies. While acting as these countries, delegates work together with other delegates (who are acting as other countries) to come to a resolution on the topic set before their committee.

Conferences simulate a wide variety of UN committees, from large General Assemblies to smaller, more specialized committees such as the Human Rights Council. Topics at conferences range from Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Fighting Worldwide Poverty, to Combatting the Effects of Greenhouse gases. This range offers participants a chance to debate about topics they have more interest in.

Aside from learning about international affairs and the current challenges the world faces in tackling world issues, MUN offers students an opportunity to further develop research skills, public speaking skills, debate skills, and the ability to compromise. MUN also opens up a world of connections as the team travels to participate in non-local conferences - New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco.

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