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What is Model UN all about ?

How to Join ?

Everyone is welcome to join MUNSA! There is no application process to join the club. You only have to provide your name, year and email and pay a very small membership fee (the Alma Mater Society of UBC requires all clubs to have a membership fee).

In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mailing list (form is at the bottom of the page) or add us to your social media to keep in touch!

We will be offering club membership registration at our booth at Clubs Days and at our Welcome to MUN at UBC event, dates of which can be found on our Facebook page. If you missed us at these events, come by one of our meetings and talk to an executive, or contact Elena at [email protected]

Not a student at UBC? You can still join MUNSA! Please contact Elena at [email protected] for more information.

Why should you join ?

There are endless reasons to join our Model UN Team, here are a few key ones for you to consider :

1. The People - Model UN attracts the widest array of people from all walks of life. This is not a club exclusive to arts majors, but has engineers, future investment bankers, scientists, and almost anything else you can think of. This means you are able to make invaluable connections, an awesome network of friends and have a lot of fun while doing it.

2. The Skills - Its rare for someone to be able to say they consistently deliver speeches to crowds of over 200 and be able to do it with confidence with fairly short prep times, and that is something that Model UN will allow you do. Along with this, you have to be able traverse between hundreds of objectives of other countries that you need to satisfy but make sure that yours are the best represented when integrating all of them into one cohesive resolution. The amount of research you will need to execute all of these will allow you to write incredible essays in both your classes and position papers for MUN. The MUNSA team will ensure all of these skills are taught and honed by everyone that joins!

3. The Places - If the first two weren't enough, if you take a look at where we get to go to practice these skills, we are sure you should be convinced. We rotate through various conferences year to year, travelling to major cities in the US and Canada with at least one of our trips (New York this year) largely compensated by the club for you to participate. To be on this team you will have to show dedication, commitment, and performance but with a good effort put forth everyone has a good chance of making it.

4. Employers- Employers actively seek the skills that Model UN provides to the people that partake in it, and its guaranteed to make you stand out and give you a plethora of experiences to talk about that will accompany your school work.

Our team is truly a world class, highly decorated team with a ton of awards and experiences to pass on to you to help you succeed both in MUN and in any other endeavours in your life. Give it a try, attend one of our meetings/conferences and see how you like it!


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